Emily Skye Review, Here is My 30 days Workout Results.

December 18, 2019

Not Expected Much – Here is My True Emily Skye Reviews and My Result after 30 days

Hello I m Susan, proud to be a mom of 2 little child. I was pretty disappointed with my damn ugly body shape and thinking about how to get back my perfect shape.. And everyone suggests to me that you should take GYM membership to back sexy body and thus all things were screws me down. Is this problem arising for everyone? But Everyone has their own works and it’s not all time possible to go out to GYM right. So couple of things i purchased and tried the best workout guides found on the internet. One fine day, I have a good news i.e., Emily Skye caught my eye. Recently found a Emily skye Fit program on her instagram profile, just loved it.  I dug the Emily Skye review on the internet. It’s amazing!! Without GYM, Emily Skye workouts and diet plan gives the perfect shape for the body. I tried it and spell-like Wow!! when look at my shape in the mirror after doing this in just 30 days. It’s miracle I felt very happy and get back my body within 30 days.

In this busy and modern world, everyone is looking for instant results right?. No one is ready to wait for anything patiently. Hence, I strongly believe that Jen ferruggia workout is the best one when compare to Emily Skye workout program to lose weight easily and quickly. Moreover, it is suitable for any kind of people except pregnant ladies.

Now I would like to give my honest Emily Skye Review and her workout plan which I was followed to what i have achieve it to get a sexy figure.

Who is Emily Skye?

Emily Skye is the famous model and talented one around the world. Recently She has gone to a fitness program and proved herself as a strong woman in fitness test. She shared a lot of things about the fitness like struggles, achievements etc in here official website and shared daily workout results on her instagram profiles as well.


Emily Skye Diet Meal Plan (Honestly Impractical)

As my point of view, it’s impractical one to follow Emily Skye meal plan, if you strongly believe, then it’s affordable to both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. It is 30 days program that you must follow. Emily Skye offers complete diet sheet and recipes what you have to take for this 30 days program. Of course, vegetables are good for our health but too much is not good. You may become imbalanced with too much vegetable food. So, it covers everything and best suited for the people who want to lose weight within 30 days.

Emily Skye Diet plans to have various recipes that you can choose whatever you want for 30 days. Results of this diet plan will be unbelievable. Better to follow each and every point in diet plan to get a perfect result. But the ingredients that are used in the recipes are quite expensive. You need to spend 300 dollars a week. Some people may need a chef to prepare these items as well. Most of the ingredients will only available in Australia. You can add supplements for that as your country.

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Emily Skye Reviews and Workouts

Before starting the workouts, once you have to read the Emily Skye workouts review to prepare your mind.

The workouts of Emily Skye is well designed and worthy. These are well planned which are easy for people. I strongly say that the workouts are truthful and definitely works to any type of bodies. As a part of Emily Skye Workouts, you have done the steady cardio for 40 minutes per day and lifting weights every day. 40 minutes steady cardio may be getting bored for some people, it’s me too then we can follow Emily Skye alternative.

Emily Skye Workout review

Emily Skye Workout review

Coming to the weights, It’s good to do the workout. We cannot find the size of weight what we have to list. So we need to expect the weight size with common sense. Apart from this, you have 2 workouts a day, you can do these in your home or gym. Every day you have to focus on various areas of your body.

I followed this plan for 30 days and felt energetic. Within a month, you can see good results with Emily Skye Workout program. I got a good body structure with Emily diet and workouts. So that, I shared my personal experience for you as Emily Skye Review. We don’t need a gym membership for workouts but then I felt the cost of the plan is a little bit expensive. 


  • Easy to follow
  • Complete plan you get for every day clearly
  • Weights exercise is good
  • Complete recipes guide provided.
  • It works well for me


  • Cost of the plan inexpensive
  • You need to go for supplements as it made according to Australia’s diet
  • Cost of the supplements is also high
  • Meals are not tasty
  • Need 2-hour workouts a day

Emily Skye alternative

My friend suggests me the one which she followed from past few months (i.e) Jen Ferruggia workout program. And she told me have got a awesome result too. So may be It is an alternative for Emily Skye to the people who look for cost effectiveness.  She did lost 14kg in 6 weeks period of time by following bikini body workout by jen

Pricing of Emily Skye

After lot discussion with my friend i got an conclusion why we need to tried out her bikini body workout program. So i bought Jen ferruggia method and tried as well too. here is my bikini body workout review and my past few month result as well. When compare the pricing with Emily Skye vs Jen ferruggia, i suggest you should go with Jen, because they announced a huge discount, it’s only $29.99 and got an awesome result honestly.

Follow this diet and workout plan and shape your body well like a celebrity.

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